July 17, 2016

Featured Investors

Ilan Goldstein, Co-Director, Gigawatt Global Wind

Ilan Goldstein has been a director of Merchavia Holdings and Investments Ltd. (formerly Nepco Star Ltd.) since October 26, 2014, and is one of the pioneers of wind energy. Mr. Goldstein is a member of the board of directors of L. Goldstein Investments Ltd. and Golani Enterprises Inc. He has a Juris Doctor degree, Fordham University School of Law and Bachelor’s degree from Yeshiva University.

Sari Miller, New York

Sari is the First Angel Investor in: LeapFrog Investments, Grassroots Business Fund, Purpose.com and Switch & Data (now part of Equinix). She sits on the board of Digital Divide Data. She led the team that sold a company to AIG, in which she was a Partner, EVP and CFO, and founded an insurance company that became publicly traded. She received her BA from Barnard and an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Alex Goldberg, Mexico

Alex is a native of Mexico City and has a background in marketing and corporate image branding. Alex manages projects in Turkey, and his artistic business perspective is instrumental in creating and guiding the company’s vision. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from the University of Texas at Austin and attended Stanford Business School.