July 14, 2016


Gigawatt Global is a multinational renewable energy company founded with the purpose of bringing new sources of power to Africa and other underserved, emerging markets. Roughly 1.3 billion people around the world live without electricity. 600 million of them are in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our business and mission is to change that picture by introducing clean energy to these markets and contributing to sustainable development in the targeted countries.

We envision a world where all people have access to clean energy. Our goal is to be the global leader in bringing renewable energy to the developing world, becoming a billion-dollar company by 2030. Gigawatt will be the premier frontier solar and social development platform: an Africa-centric, green, independent power producer IPP.

Gigawatt Global plans, finances, owns, and operates renewable energy installations (solar, wind and other) across the African continent and around the world. Founded in December 2010, the company is led by a world-class team of strategists, seasoned project developers, financiers, and solar energy experts who have created a proven, scalable business model which is efficient, effective, and profitable.

We pursue a quadruple bottom line:

  • Financial: We aim for strong returns on equity in both our projects and the parent company.   Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are protected with political risk insurance.
  • Development:  We deploy our fields to foster the economic and social development of local communities and to promote national economic stability.
  • Environmental:  We target countries where we can greatly reduce the use of oil for generating electricity, with the potential to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels over time while both earning revenues and lowering power costs for developing countries.
  • Humanitarian:  A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is an integral part of our work, providing health care to orphans, clean water and other similar benefits.

Gigawatt Global is a founding partner of the United States government’s Power Africa and Beyond the Grid initiatives.


Gigawatt Global is led by Josef Abramowitz, an internationally renowned solar energy pioneer, along with Weldon Turner, COO, and Board Chair Howie Rodenstein. Together the Gigawatt Global management team and leadership has over 100 years of senior management experience and have engaged in several billions of dollars worth of transactions. They have created the solar industry in over half a dozen markets and the company currently has over 1000 MW in development in various stages across the world.

What We Do

Gigawatt Global develops and manages utility-scale solar fields in emerging markets, taking equity interest in its projects. Gigawatt’s project development process consists of:

  • securing suitable land at a favorable price;
  • ensuring safe and efficient connection of the project to the grid;
  • carrying out all required permitting, studies and tests;
  • negotiating and signing a long-term PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with the utility or government;
  • securing debt and equity finance to build the project;
  • contracting an EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) company to build the project and the transmission;
  • contracting an Operation and Maintenance company to operate and maintain the project.
  • working together with local leaders on community empowerment and education initiatives.

The Gigawatt Global Advantage

  1. Proven Team: Gigawatt is the only developer to create and de-risk solar markets on three continents in diverse regulatory environments.
  2. Brand Equity: Our track record opens doors to the best technology, creative financing, and political support in the market.
  3. Innovation: Leaders in on-ramp renewable technologies, we help developing countries boost production, enable security, and more.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility: We bring social and economic benefits, increasing knowledge and localizing jobs.
  5. 100% Financing: Qualified pipeline projects benefit from full financing from our partners, including the World Bank, OPIC, FMO, and the African Development Bank.
  6. Bankable Documents and Deals: From conception through interconnection, Gigawatt brings value to investors at every stage.
  7. Security: Gigawatt works with leading international security firms to develop and fortify projects in remote locations and to meet the highest standards of protecting our employees, partners, and investors.