June 28, 2016



The Palestinian Authority currently operates on a sum total of 650 MW of energy. This highly dense and rapidly growing population is severely underserved and lacking in the very minimum access to electricity. Our initial projects will provide approximately seven percent of the PA’s current energy needs.

Planned projects:

PNREC, the Palestinian National Renewable Energy Company, together with GWG are beginning with a 10 MW field to alleviate immediate and dire need for energy. It is our goal to follow with a number of larger projects totalling 150 MW.  We are presently conducting a full analysis of the grid and then will determine the various possibilities and costs for the grid/infrastructure upgrade.


PNREC has secured a lease on 120 dunam of land in al-Ujja in area “A” with potential for expansion on up to 2000    dunam. The land is currently uncultivated agricultural land which the land owners have stopped cultivating because of the unavailability of affordable water and the hard labor involved in agriculture.


In response to the dire need of this population to have access to energy, these projects are being fast-tracked and may be operational as early as the fourth quarter of 2016.

Local partners: PNREC and OPIC

PNREC will issue an international Request for Proposals for determining the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company. Any chosen company would have to meet international standards with a proven track record and bankability after conducting full financial and professional due diligence.  All hardware and labor will be guaranteed for a period of 25 years which is the period for which we will be seeking a contractual Power Purchase Agreement.  During the planning stage PNREC is being assisted by the US Government through OPIC – the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.