January 18, 2017

Statement by Come Manirakiza Minister of Energy and Mines

STATEMENT by His Excellency Come Manirakiza, Burundi's Minister of Energy and Mines ahead of groundbreaking ceremony for Mubuga 7.5 MW project

Burundi Utility Scale grid connected solar PV Project is known to the Ministry of Energy and Mines since 2014 when was selected by Energy and Environment Programme (EEP) as a good project to support in order to help alleviate the critical shortage of electrical in Burundi.

All feasibility studies are now completed and we are happy to participate in placing the foundation stone at the project site on January 18th, 2017. Many contacts and discussions have been made in Burundi to secure a proper implementation of the Project. We appreciate the efforts made by the company Gigawatt Global Burundi from the beginning and we wish them a win-win successful business in Burundi. This shows that you prioritize Burundi in your activities.

We are expecting to get 7.5 MWp of clean renewable energy for development of businesses, full time and temporary jobs in construction area and to increase the access to electricity, which is very low (6%).

The project will also contribute to alleviate poverty and to improve living conditions of people in the construction area; we encourage the Gigawatt Global Burundi company to work hard and quick to deliver the power needed.

Lastly, we have been informed about the status of completion of your dossier and we are confident that you will get all required documents in record time and reach financial close. You have invited investors to the event and I hope that they will support the project, because they know now the reality on the ground. We are sure and certain of your capability because you have demonstrated in Rwanda that you are able to construct similar solar PV plant of 8.5 MWp.

We are available and committed to work together with you. Thank you so much for your collaboration and cooperation for a successful implementation of the project.